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Our Shared Heritage

Recognized through the UNESCO World Heritage Convention as a precious legacy for all, World Heritage sites of 'Outstanding Universal Value' embody the wonders of nature and the creativeness of humankind.

A New Approach

A flourishing economic tourism sector has contributed an economic model essential for protecting the heritage sites and what they offer. But it’s a mixed blessing. Too much tourism overwhelms the sites and harms their integrity. Disruptions and fall-off’s in tourism cause economic recession. The future of World Heritage sites and wellbeing of associated communities needs a more stable, less ecologically damaging approach.

Commons and Commoning for the Future

For World Heritage to facilitate transformative change, they have to be recognised and managed as commons - natural and cultural heritage belonging to humanity and cared for through community. The practice of commoning brings communities together around three core elements: (a) participatory problem-solving and governance, (b) on-going cooperation and capacity development, and (c) integrated and innovative management. With its transformative potential, commoning could be the key to securing the future of World Heritage sites as humanity's shared, precious and life enhancing heritage. 

Transformative tourism & visitor management

World Heritage Catalysis invites you to join this emerging commons oriented community of practice applying innovative tools and technologies in transformative tourism and visitor management protecting irreplaceable heritage while building adaptive and resilient communities.

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Towards a collaborative community of practice

WHETS - the World Heritage Exchange Trading System - is being developed as an innovative mechanism including a marketplace and time based credit enabling inclusive collaborative exchanges and co-production among all World Heritage stakeholders. 

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